What is Revenue Stream?

Revenue Stream is a programmatic advertising sales agency for tv and radio. Our service is designed for both video and audio broadcasters, enabling publishers to efficiently monetise their inventory, whilst delivering advertisers a single advanced buying platform.

Software Solution

Revenue Stream's unified software solution drives outstanding advertising results in the constrained video and TV market, where better outcomes come from better planning and greater certainty. Our specialised software was purpose-built to solve the unique challenges posed by TV and video advertising – from planning to measurement – all in one simple platform.

To put it simply, we turn data and inventory into guaranteed results for our clients.

Audience forecasting and Reports

Our platform allows advertisers and media companies to forecast audiences, as well as the expected demand for those audiences, over time and across devices. Based on this forecasting, optimal allocation protocols are then used to ensure that advertisers can reach their desired audiences with guaranteed volume and pricing across TV and video, and to ensure that media companies can fully monetise their total audience across devices.

Want to know more?

Are you an advertiser or agency? A content provider looking to distribute? Are you currently working with another platform? For more information on how Revenue Stream can help your business thrive, speak to a member of our team via our Contact page.