Channel Factory is an innovation to broadcast department who are taking a collection of content from concept to broadcast including branding, marketing and business planning.

Creative Broadcast delivers Creativity across all of the Broadcast touchpoints including Content, Audience, Technology, and Monetization. Content and channel owners come in all sorts of sizes and levels of maturity in each of the touchpoints and Channel Factory exists to provide each of them with the support needed to ‘fill the gaps’. This support could be in the development of a business case, preparation for broadcasting on Kapang or on other platforms, content scheduling, media production or management, and brand management.

However, getting people to embrace digital TV means we have to meet them where they are and motivate them to change direction. We have a standard way to do this but at the same time recognizing one way is not appropriate for all situations.

Channel Factory Six Phase approach

The View TV Group end-to-end solution took over 6 years to develop, starting with us making our own content and then designing and developing the four main elements of successful TV broadcasting; Content, Audience, Technology and Monetization into the current end-to-end solution. We use these same four elements to search for ‘the gaps to fill’ in customers’ objectives and then use a 6-phase approach working with them to provide a solution.

An example of a potential customer project is shown below where they have a considerable amount of content to monetise but have limited skills of how to do this.

This would be a substantial project, but we use the same approach where a customer wants a range of less comprehensive support in different areas across the four main elements of successful TV broadcasting.